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Children and Teens

  • Caught in the Middle

    Caught in the Middle

    What to do when your abuser tries to turn your children against you | Abuse is multifaceted. An abuser will use whatever tactics he or she can to hurt you physicall... read more

  • Runaway Youth

    Runaway Youth

    Family crisis is the main reason kids and teens choose the streets over their homes | A 2015 report from The National Runaway Safeline shows that family crisis, suc... read more

  • Mixed Message for Kids

    Mixed Message for Kids

    How to teach children violence is wrong when one parent is abusing the other | It’s a complicated situation: teaching your children violence isn't right while they ... read more

  • Does Your Partner Respect Your 'No?'

    Does Your Partner Respect Your 'No?'

    Teens: Understanding consent in your relationship | No matter what your age, your voice matters. That’s the idea of consent—you have the right to call the shots and s... read more

  • How to Recognize Trauma in Children

    How to Recognize Trauma in Children

    Can we teach children how to spot it in themselves? | Every parent knows the telltale signs of a good ol’ temper tantrum: There’s often screaming, tears, maybe some... read more

  • Explaining Violence to Kids

    Explaining Violence to Kids

    6 tips for talking to children about domestic violence | Talking about domestic violence is never easy. Talking about it with the children who witness violence can ... read more

  • From Bully to Batterer

    From Bully to Batterer

    Can childhood bullying turn into domestic violence later in life? | There’s a lot of attention, and rightly so, on bullying these days. No longer is teasing and nam... read more

  • When Children Experience Trauma

    When Children Experience Trauma

    The after-effects of violence and stress in kids could be mistaken for ADHD | Brian F. Martin survived a violent childhood, only the violence wasn’t aimed at him. F... read more

  • Fleeing An Abuser With Your Children

    Fleeing An Abuser With Your Children

    Getting yourself and your children to a safe place is the number one priority | You’re enduring life with an abusive partner and you realize it’s time to leave. But y... read more

  • When Your Teen is Dating an Abuser

    When Your Teen is Dating an Abuser

    Advice from a professional on how to protect your teen without driving them away | If you think domestic violence is limited to adults, you’d be incorrect. In a re... read more

  • Men Can Stop Rape

    Men Can Stop Rape

    One nonprofit’s goal to change the way young men view women | Eleven might sound like a young age to talk to a boy about the birds and the bees, much less educate h... read more

  • Violent Teen Relationships Lead to Lower Income

    Violent Teen Relationships Lead to Lower Income

    Study shows abuse is related to future earning potential | As teens begin to navigate the new and exciting world of “more than just friends” relationships, one can ... read more

  • When Children Witness Violence

    When Children Witness Violence

    They’re more likely to abuse or be abused as adults, unless adults step in and stop the cycle | Consider this: Most domestic abuse that occurs in a home where children... read more

  • Teens: Are You In an Unhealthy Relationship?

    Teens: Are You In an Unhealthy Relationship?

    Abuse doesn't always leave bruises—how to spot four different common forms | The first time you’re in a romantic relationship as a teen can feel a little dizzyi... read more

  • Teaching Teens About Dating Violence

    Teaching Teens About Dating Violence

    Learning about healthy relationships early means less chance of domestic violence later on | We teach our children from a young age to be kind to one another. Hitting... read more