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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When It's Time to Go: Part I

    When It's Time to Go: Part I

    A checklist of essentials to take with you when escaping abuse | Walking out the door and away from an abuser—or kicking an abusive partner out the door, if so inc... read more

  • Abusive Red Flags Everyone Should Know

    Abusive Red Flags Everyone Should Know

    The signs that your partner could turn violent | One in three women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lifetime. According to the Violence Po... read more

  • This Is What Abuse Looks Like

    This Is What Abuse Looks Like

    Spotting the signs, red flags and warning signals of abuse could save your life | Sometimes the hardest part about getting help when you’re with an abuser is recogn... read more

  • A Deadly Cycle

    A Deadly Cycle

    Abusers will repeat four stages of abuse over and over, trapping survivors | There's a certain script domestic violence follows and survivors know it well. Most advoca... read more

  • How to Get a Personal Protection Order

    How to Get a Personal Protection Order

    Don’t feel overwhelmed by the process—advocacy agencies can help | Protection orders, sometimes referred to as restraining orders and injunctions, are available to ... read more

  • Profile of an Abuser

    Profile of an Abuser

    Is it possible to spot an abusive partner before you get involved? | No one ever plans to venture out into the dating world and choose an abusive partner. No on... read more

  • Domestic Violence Statistics

    Domestic Violence Statistics

    The hard truth about domestic violence | Alarming statistics indicate that, as you read this short sentence, a woman has become the victim of assault, most likely b... read more