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  • How Limiting Abortion Rights Keeps Survivors in Danger

    As the fate of a woman’s right to choose is under attack, survivors know even a rape exception may not help them | Abortion has been a protected and legal right under ... read more

  • Through the Eyes of an ER Physician

    The hardest part is letting them go back home, says one | Despite stereotypes, a survivor of domestic violence doesn’t often stand out in a crowd. Or, in a waiting roo... read more

  • Trauma-Related Guilt Is a Liar

    You didn’t cause the abuse and you couldn’t have stopped it | As if it’s not enough to endure trauma and all its cohorts, like anxiety, depression, insomnia and anger,... read more

  • After Trauma, Sleep May Be What You Need Most

    Your brain needs the extra rest to repair and recover | After surviving trauma, your brain may emulate a small child hyped up on a candy binge, except instead of sugar... read more

  • Did Your Doctor Ask About Domestic Violence?

    The pros and cons of asking “Do you feel safe at home?" | The last time I had a mammogram, as the technician and I were finishing up, she asked me a question: “Do... read more

  • Do I Need to Go to Rehab?

    Substance abuse can often be a byproduct of living through domestic violence, but there are people who can help | Some survivors turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to c... read more

  • Food Swaps

    Replace foods that harm with these healing foods to soothe yourself after trauma | We’ve all been there. After a particularly bad day or stressful ordeal, we curl up... read more

  • When Alzheimer's Disease Takes a Violent Turn

    Can you forgive someone you love for abusive behavior when an illness is to blame? | It’s one thing to know that abuse is a choice made by an abuser—it cannot be blam... read more

  • Are You Seeing Ghosts?

    Social isolation can give rise to imaginary relationships | While some call it torture, the CIA calls it “an interrogation technique." Either way, it's used to extr... read more

  • 16 Self-Care Tips for Advocates

    How the biggest champions of domestic violence survivors can take care of themselves as well as others | Parents. Teachers. Nurses. Doctors. Counselors. Social work... read more

  • The Link Between Abuse, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

    Your exhaustion could be the sign of something more serious | Domestic violence has long been linked to mental health conditions such as depression and post-trau... read more

  • Healing Through Massage

    Massage therapy can help treat PTSD, pain, stress and more | Getting a massage isn’t just about pampering yourself, though it is a lovely side benefit. According to... read more

  • 5 Meditations to Try

    This power practice has the potential to calm and center survivors and victim advocates | Have you ever been told to just breathe when you’re feeling anxious or ... read more

  • Tapping Out of Trauma

    How thought field therapy can reduce fear and anxiety in survivors | Being a survivor of domestic violence is an emotional business. Whether you’re still being abus... read more

  • Modifying Memories

    A therapy called EMDR can help reprogram how you remember trauma | It sounds like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but reprogramming your brain to proces... read more