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Domestic Violence Podcasts

Narcissist Apocalypse

Narcissist Apocalypse is a storytelling podcast that gives a voice to survivors of abuse. Through the power of story, our community helps educate, heal, and make you feel less alone.

I’m a Survivor

Most of survivor Misty Chaviers’ podcast episodes are under 30 minutes, perfect for finding inspiration as you commute to work or school. Check out this episode where Misty talks with Theresa's Fund/ CEO, Ashley Rumschlag. 

Dirty John

Based on the terrifying true-life reporting from the LA Times of an abuser who infiltrated the life of survivor Debra Newell and her daughters. The series was also made into a TV series for Bravo. Don’t worry—Newell and her family make it out alive.

Shatterproof: Thriving After Domestic Abuse

A survivor-created podcast about changing yourself after abuse “from the inside-out.” Creator Mickie Zada interviews survivors about how they reinvented themselves after escaping an abusive partner. 

Spotlight: The Podcast for the Domestic Abuse Sector

Interviews with advocates and experts on important domestic violence issues like support for LGBT survivors and how homelessness and abuse intersect. 

Targeted—True Crime: Domestic Violence

This one may be difficult for some survivors, but fascinating to others. This true crime podcast delves into real life cases of family violence, examining how similar crimes might be prevented in the future.

I, Survivor

Another that may be tough for some survivors to listen to, but this captivating series features inspiring survivors of all types of trauma telling their first-hand stories of perseverance.

PAVE: Professionals Against Violence Podcast

Listen as experts from all corners of the world speak about preventing all types of family violence. Listen to this episode on the Safe Child Act featuring Barry Goldstein, expert advisor for 

The Practical Feminist 

More issue-focused, listen as two women dig into and discuss feminist topics including domestic violence, the #MeToo movement and reproductive rights. 

The Survivor’s Guide to Life

Self-care is so vitally important during and after escaping abuse. Learn how to foster resilience in yourself with this podcast from two life coaches and mentors.

Therapy for Black Girls

Find strength and inspiration from licensed psychologist, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, in this popular podcast where she offers strategies for improving your mental health.

The Domestic Violence Discussion

This podcast is a discussion about domestic violence, from the perspective of a survivor. Episodes cover everything from what domestic violence is, what it looks like, and how it affects not only survivors but the community they live in. 

Understanding Today’s Narcissist

Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC, a licensed psychotherapist, speaker and author is dedicated to separating fact from fiction when it comes to dealing with a narcissist in your life.


What happens when toxic masculinity goes unchecked for far too long? In this true-crime podcast, domestic violence journalist and advocate Amanda Kippert along with co-host and comic relief Jenna Brandl shine a spotlight on the men who have chosen to abuse more than just their male privilege. 

Something Was Wrong

Something Was Wrong is an Iris Award-Winning immersive storytelling docuseries podcast about the discovery, trauma, and recovery from emotionally (and otherwise) abusive relationships.

Finding Our Voices

There is a lot to talk about when survivor/warriors break their silence and connect, and that’s what Finding Our Voices: The Podcast is all about: Conversations to get us all out of the dark and into the light.

Lisa A Romano Breakdown to Breakthroughs

A podcast committed to healing from codependency, narcissistic abuse, with a heavy emphasis on raising consciousness for the benefit of healing mind, body, and soul.

Believe Her

Believe Her is true crime, upside down. In September 2017, young mom Nikki Addimando shot and killed her partner, Chris Grover. She was sentenced to nineteen years to life in prison for murder. Through rare access to police audio, a month-long trial, conversations with Nikki, and original reporting, journalist Justine van der Leun lays out the killing, the evidence, and the aftermath. As this six-part series unfolds, listeners will put together different pieces of a disturbing puzzle. One thing is clear: perception ≠ reality.

The Rising Beyond Podcast

Are you ready to thrive as you are coming out of a toxic or abusive relationship? Join Sybil Cummin, a licensed professional counselor who has specialized in working with victims and survivors of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse for over a decade and runs a membership community for women on their healing journey. On this podcast, you will finally feel understood and your experience will be validated as you learn what you can do to feel better, heal and thrive.

TECCnically Speaking

In this podcast we talk about technology-enabled coercive control (TECC). Hosts Natalie Dolci and Kayleigh Mcniel interview experts to explore how technology can be misused to cause abuse, harm, and gender-based violence, along with the ways platforms, survivor's communities, and our legal systems respond. This is a podcast of the Sexual Violence Law Center, which works to support survivors of sexual harassment and assault who are experiencing tech abuse.

Somebody Must Say These Things

By speaking with survivors and the women who make it their mission to end the issue for good, this podcast casts a stark, unapologetic light on our society’s continued insufficient acknowledgement of Violence Against Women. They follow the stories of survivors and examine the critical, unappreciated role of transition houses. They also speak with the boots-on-the-ground workers who fight everyday to help women and children in need. Together, their insights offer a new, clear perspective on the current status of abuse and violence in the province of Nova Scotia and what we need to do to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

One Conversation Podcast

The goal of this podcast is to hold meaningful and empowering conversations on subjects pertaining to relationship violence, assault, and abuse. As trained Prevention Educators, our day to day work is focusing on providing education on recognizing signs of unhealthy and abusive behaviors, and how to identify/provide resources for support in dealing with these issues. They also want these conversations to be a chance to provide self-empowerment by sharing out important concepts on how to take care of ourselves, especially so we can take care of others. This podcast is a place to extend these important conversations outside of our own communities, to educate, deconstruct, and come together in solidarity on these issues.


Civic is the flagship audio program of the San Francisco Public Press, a nonprofit news institution, covering the city and how it works. The radio program airs every weekday on KSFP -LP 102.5 FM in San Francisco. Their series on coercive control takes a deeper look into ways that the system is failing survivors. The second episode in the series "When judges dismiss claims of domestic abuse, children can pay the ultimate price" features snippets from the webinar with Dr. Lisa Aronson Fontes. 

Women's HQ "Survivors Coffee Circle" Podcast

Women's HQ Podcast host Kimberly Harris interviews Congressman James McGovern (D-MA) and Chairman of the House Rules Committe talk about the January. 6 Attack on the US Capitol, Confirmation Hearings of Supreme Court Justice Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson and more

What Happened to Libby Caswell

In 2017, Libby Caswell was found dead in a motel room in Independence, Missouri. Police quickly ruled her death a suicide. But her mother Cindy thinks she was murdered — and she believes she has proof the crime scene was staged. Award-winning investigative reporter Melissa Jeltsen dives deep into Libby’s final days, finding new evidence that unravels the official story and threatens to implicate more than just those in the motel room that day. In her search for answers, Jeltsen exposes the web of failures that left Libby vulnerable, and explores how her story fits into one of America’s most deadly epidemics.

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