Time To Fly Foundation, a domestic violence shelter in Mclean, VA needs your help.

Below are a few critical items needed by Time To Fly Foundation to run and maintain its service to domestic violence victims.

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ABC & 123 Coloring Books ...


Viz-Pro All-in-One Magnet...


USPS Forever Postage Stamps

Staples Binder Clips, Ass...


Post-it Notes 3" x 3" Cub...


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If your abuser was sentenced to probation, did he ever violate the terms of his probation?

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Which of these at-home methods helped relieve your symptoms of trauma?

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    Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women

    Shows that most abused women seek help because their rights and liberties have been jeopardized, not because they have been injured. The coercive control model resolves three perplexing challenges posed by abuse: why these relationships endure, why abused women develop a profile of problems seen among no other group of assault victims, and why the legal system has failed to win them justice.
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    On a Dark, Dark Night

    Takes the reader through the experiences of a young polar bear cub after he witnesses his father strike his mother. The reader follows along as Cub finds help and support from his friend Moose and a new friend Eagle. The book touches on the very serious topic of domestic violence, but in a way that may help even the smallest children understand and cope with their own experiences.
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