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Safety Planning

  • If an Abuser Does That, Prepare to Do This

    Eight response strategies to help you separate from an abusive partner safely | Most people feel scared and confused when they think about separating from an abusive p... read more

  • Recording Phone Calls Can Help Prove Abuse

    Here’s what you need to know about what’s legal and admissible | Proving nonphysical abuse in court is tricky for domestic violence survivor but one way survivors can ... read more

  • A Safety Planning Worksheet

    A DIY plan to prepare for safety the next time an abusive incident occurs | There’s going to be another abusive incident. Be it a degrading shouting match, intimidatin... read more

  • Can a Personal Alarm Protect You?

    Maybe, and there’s more you can do to help keep yourself safe | If you’re living through domestic violence or recently escaped an abuser, you might consider a personal... read more

  • What Happens After an Abuser Gets Arrested?

    What’s going on from when an abuser is placed in the police car to release | Your abusive partner was just taken away in handcuffs. Whew. You finally breathe a sigh of... read more

  • Signals for Safety

    How asking for “Angela” or ordering an “angel shot” can save you from dating violence | A creative plan from the UK designed to help people escape potentially dangerou... read more

  • Spotting the Enemy

    How the Marine Corps trains soldiers to identify threats overseas can save your life here at home | Patrick Van Horne is used to spotting people with dangerous inte... read more

  • Survivors Wanted to Test New App

    Danger assessment app will focus on immigrants and Native Americans | Researchers at John Hopkins University are looking for survivors to give their new danger asse... read more

  • When 911 Can't Find You

    Calling for help from a cell phone might make it hard to track you down. Smart911 helps emergency responders get to you | True or false? If you call 911 from a cell... read more

  • Will My Partner Be Violent After I Leave?

    How to predict violence after leaving an abuser | We know that leaving is the most dangerous time for a domestic violence survivor. Abusers often lash out in an att... read more

  • High-Tech Stalking Tactics

    How abusers are faking phone calls and tracking victims through their online photos | Technology has given us many gifts: Phones that are also cameras. Cars that re... read more

  • Safety Planning With Your Kids

    When putting a plan in place to leave an abuser, don’t leave the kids out of the loop | If you are getting ready to leave an abuser, you’ll need to plan for the saf... read more

  • Customizing Your Safety Plan

    One size does not fit all when it comes to safety planning | Creating a safety plan is a vital step when one is considering leaving an abusive partner. In doing so, th... read more

  • Planning for Pet Safety

    Four steps survivors can take when escaping with their pets | When escaping domestic violence, survivors are often worried about pets’ safety if left with the abuser,... read more

  • An Emotional Safety Plan in 4 Steps

    A guide to help you along your healing journey | Most people who care about domestic violence are aware of the term “safety plan” and how it can help someone prepar... read more