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Identifying Abuse

  • abuser uses religion to control wife

    What Is Spiritual Abuse?

    A comprehensive guide to recognizing this type of domestic violence, also called religious abuse | Spiritual abuse, also called religious abuse, has multiple meanings.... read more

  • Netflix show highlights nonphysical abuse

    Netflix's "Maid" Highlights Truth About Domestic Violence

    The 6 things the show got right, and one thing it got wrong | Netflix’s Maid is the 10-episode fictional drama released in October, based on Stephanie Land’s 2019 memo... read more

  • Survivor of gaslighting in domestic abuse

    A Guide to Gaslighting

    A comprehensive look at this confusing abusive tactic that makes you doubt your reality | In yet another tactic of power and control, abusive partners can use gaslight... read more

  • An abusive partner gives drugs to a victim without her knowledge

    Drugging an Intimate Partner as an Abuse Tactic

    Abusers slip drugs to their intimate partners to control, sexually assault, disable and discredit them | In a violating and abusive move, sometimes abusers will give d... read more

  • A survivor of domestic violence is sexually coerced by a partner

    Sexual Coercion in Intimate Relationships: Eight Tactics

    When sex in a couple is not exactly violent, but not entirely voluntary, either | Sexual coercion refers to using nonviolent means to pressure an unwilling partner to ... read more

  • Abuser threatens revenge porn against victim of domestic violence

    Revenge Porn Meets the Law: Federal Protections for Victims

    A federal law on nonconsensual distribution of sexual images, or “revenge porn,” is poised to become law | Forty-eight states, the District of Columbia, and one U.S. t... read more

  • An abusive partner is physically violent toward his partner

    What is Physical Abuse?

    There’s never an excuse for a partner to be physically violent. This comprehensive guide breaks down what’s involved in physical abuse | Physical abuse in a relationsh... read more

  • An illustration outlining the tactics abusers use on victims of domestic violence.

    What Are the Power and Control Wheels?

    A comprehensive guide to the many versions of this helpful illustration that outlines tactics abusers use | Many survivors of domestic abuse and violence will say that... read more

  • A woman attempts to leave an abusive partner wielding coercive control over her.

    A Guide to Coercive Control

    How to recognize this subtle yet dangerous form of domestic abuse | Coercive control refers to any pattern of behavior an abuser uses to dominate their partner and lim... read more

  • A survivor of domestic violence is forced to work by her partner

    Is Your Partner Exploiting Your Work?

    You work too hard, and you feel you have no choice about it. Is your partner exploiting your labor? | In many [healthy] couples, both people work hard but neither pers... read more

  • victim of gaslighting doubts feels confused

    Bad News: Anyone Can Be a Gaslighter

    Gaslighting is a manipulation technique used by narcissists everywhere. How to spot examples of gaslighting by co-workers, friends and acquaintances | Gaslighting is u... read more

  • senior living in nursing home is abused by caretaker

    What Is Elder Abuse?

    A comprehensive guide to understanding domestic violence and the role of adult protective services | Elder abuse is the intentional or negligent mistreatment of an adu... read more

  • A victim of domestic violence is being verbally degraded by an abuser.

    What is Verbal Abuse?

    A comprehensive guide to understanding how an argument can be healthy, but a pattern of ongoing degradation is not | Arguments are normal, even healthy, in a relations... read more

  • woman leaving abusive partner struggles to find money

    What Is Financial Abuse?

    A comprehensive guide to understanding, escaping and recovering from financial abuse | When we think about domestic violence and abuse, we don’t often think about how ... read more

  • survivor of emotional abuse leaves their abuser

    What Is Emotional Abuse?

    A comprehensive guide to understanding emotional abuse | If there’s a weakness that abusers can exploit in a survivor, they’ll find it. One’s emotional stability is ju... read more