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    Ready to Relocate?

    8 questions to ask yourself before making a move | Whether you want to distance yourself from an abuser for safety reasons or you just want a fresh start, relocati... read more

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    Ask Amanda: What Happens If Shelter Is Worse Than Home?

    Shelters should always hear out survivors’ concerns—what to do if they don’t | Q: At the shelter I’m currently at, there are bed bugs, they were feeding u... read more

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    Rules vs. Rights

    More and more shelters are taking a fewer-rules-are-better approach to give power back to survivors | Maybe you were told when to speak and what you could say. Or, ... read more

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    Domestic Violence in the Transgender Community

    Rates of intimate partner violence are high and barriers stand in the way of getting help | Domestic violence affects people with any gender identity, and transgend... read more

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    Who Pays for Damages?

    Here’s what to do when you want to keep your housing, but your abuser left behind damages | Your abusive partner is gone—and you’re ready to get on with your life. ... read more

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    Breaking Your Lease Without Breaking the Bank

    Options for survivors to terminate their lease and move on | When home, sweet home has become more like home, terrifying home, how do you get out? If you’re renti... read more

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    Abuse Survivors Not Welcome

    Domestic violence survivors can face discrimination when looking for housing | There are lots of barriers survivors of domestic violence face when searching for housin... read more

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    Finding a Safe Place

    Five questions to ask yourself if your local DV shelter is full | Imagine making this decision—do you spend another day in your home with your abusive partner... read more

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    Ask Amanda: I'm Struggling to Find a Place to Stay

    Domestic violence programs are central resource hubs | Q: I left my abuser but now I’m struggling to find a place for my children and I to live. Where do we turn? –... read more

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    Your Rights as a Tenant

    Housing laws that can help domestic violence survivors | There are times when domestic violence survivors, in order to ensure their safety, need to leave their home... read more

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    Important Questions to Ask a Shelter

    To find the best housing alternative, some things you should consider | In an ideal world, leaving an abusive partner would involve a carefully thought out plan tha... read more

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    No Room at the Shelter, Now What?

    Domestic violence survivors face homelessness, higher threat of violence when turned away | Imagine fleeing an abusive partner only to be turned away at your local ... read more

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    Home Options Beyond the Shelter

    A shelter can provide a temporary escape—but, what next? | When domestic violence survivors escape a dangerous home situation, they often find safety at a... read more

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    Home Safe Home: The Housing First Program

    Escaping violence shouldn't mean living on the streets | Many survivors of domestic violence find that they have to move out of their homes in order to start a ... read more