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  • Using Drugs and Alcohol to Cope with Abuse

    Substance abuse can increase a survivor’s risk in a number of ways | It’s not uncommon for some survivors of domestic abuse to use alcohol, illicit drugs or prescri... read more

  • Ask Amanda: Can I Make Anxiety Attacks Stop?

    They are common among survivors, and they can be managed | You have questions. Lots of them. About surviving, escaping and identifying domestic violence, about finding... read more

  • Solutions for SAD

    Recognizing and treating seasonal affective disorder | After the holidays end, things may no longer seem merry and bright. Without the hustle and bustle of the holi... read more

  • 10 Things to Know About IPV and HIV

    Violence shares an unfortunate link with an HIV diagnosis | It’s long been agreed upon that violence against women is a global epidemic, with some research estimati... read more

  • When Pregnancy Triggers Violence

    Facts to know about the danger of abuse during pregnancy | Mamas-to-be average about 12 to 13 prenatal visits from the time they find out they’re expecting to when ... read more

  • The Signs of Depression

    Do you notice any of these symptoms in yourself? | Depression isn’t just feeling down every once in a while—it’s a serious mood disorder that can lead to a variety ... read more

  • Are You Experiencing These Symptoms of PTSD?

    How therapeutic massage could help you recover | Enduring any length of abuse—whether physical or psychological—is a form of trauma. Some domestic violence survivors ... read more