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Escaping Violence

  • Is There Free Online Legal Advice for Survivors?

    Yes! Navigating the system is tricky, but many websites offer free, helpful advice | When a survivor of domestic violence is ready to leave their abuser, press char... read more

  • When Your Abuser is a Police Officer

    Don’t let them scare you into staying silent | One might think that being married to a police officer would bring with it a constant sense of security and, oftentim... read more

  • Do I Need a Lawyer?

    The American Bar Association offers resources for domestic abuse survivors navigating the legal system | Survivors of domestic violence often wonder if they need a ... read more

  • No Four-Legged Family Member Left Behind

    When you and the family pet need to escape violence, where can you go? | Animal abuse and domestic violence are intricately, and sadly, linked. According to the Ani... read more

  • Empowering Survivors

    Why domestic violence advocates say the best way to help survivors is to give them back control | Abusers control. That’s their number one tactic to keep domestic abu... read more

  • Male Victims of Abuse Face Stigmas

    The so-called “stronger sex” reluctant to speak up when battered | While domestic violence is a plight most often faced by women, men are not immune to becoming victi... read more

  • 'I'm Being Abused in Another Country'

    How one American woman vowed to help others after being trapped overseas at the hands of her abuser | Mom-of-three Paula Lucas, an American citizen, was living a ni... read more

  • Safety for Undocumented Victims of Abuse

    Fearing deportation, illegal immigrants often stay silent about domestic violence | Domestic violence is a crime no one is immune to. No matter a person’s class, stat... read more

  • Power Positions

    What happens when a person with fame and influence chooses to abuse | Abusers are sly. They start out as charming, thoughtful, kind, before morphing into something th... read more

  • Domestic Violence in the Military

    Why abuse is more prominent and less reported among military couples | One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime and couples in the milita... read more

  • Why Doesn't She Just Leave?

    Many survivors with abusive partners are trapped out of fear | A commonly heard question when it comes to abuse is, “Why doesn’t the victim just leave?”  It seems ob... read more

  • When It's Time to Go: Part II

    8 steps to take to get out safely and hide well | A safety plan is important to think about when a survivor is ready to leave their abuser. Part I of this article ... read more

  • Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

    Achieving financial freedom is one step toward starting a new life after abuse | Taking control of one’s own financial matters is a valuable life skill for everyone t... read more

  • When It's Time to Go: Part I

    A checklist of essentials to take with you when escaping abuse | Walking out the door and away from an abuser—or kicking an abusive partner out the door, if so inc... read more

  • Getting Kids Out of Harm's Way

    Escaping abuse should be an urgent concern when children are involved | An estimated 8 million children a year are exposed to domestic violence in their homes, and som... read more