Articles and Information on Domestic Violence and Abuse - Page 98

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    The Cost of Domestic Violence

    March 11, 2015 Intimate partner violence racks up a $5.8 billion bill every year | Every minute, 20 people in the U.S. become victims of intimate partner viole... read more

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    When Your Teen is Dating an Abuser

    March 09, 2015 Advice from a professional on how to protect your teen without driving them away | If you think domestic violence is limited to adults, you’d be... read more

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    NOMORE Week Encore TV Presentations

    March 08, 2015 Stalked and Surviving Evil Air Dates, Times | NO MORE Week continues with encore presentations from 9 a.m. to noon eastern time on Saturday, March ... read more

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    Law & Order NOMORE Marathon Sunday

    March 05, 2015 See Sunday, March 8 Broadcast Times | Looking for something to do this Sunday, March 8? Here's an idea: gather up friends, order pizza and enjoy an... read more

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    Can Abusers Change?

    March 04, 2015 Once an abuser, always an abuser? Signs that recovery is possible | It’s a hotly debated topic with no easy answer. Can people change? Sure, we al... read more