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    When Pregnancy Triggers Violence

    Facts to know about the danger of abuse during pregnancy | Mamas-to-be average about 12 to 13 prenatal visits from the time they find out they’re expecting to when ... read more

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    Are Domestic Violence Rates Dropping?

    Findings show fewer victims, but shelters say they’re seeing more people asking for help | Some good news, for once, regarding domestic violence: It seems there’s l... read more

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    All About the Perp

    Survey reveals some interesting facts about the people who choose to abuse | A recent survey found you’re more likely to become a victim of domestic violence at the... read more

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    The Cost of Domestic Violence

    Intimate partner violence racks up a $5.8 billion bill every year | Every minute, 20 people in the U.S. become victims of intimate partner violence. [1] Every min... read more

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    Domestic Violence Statistics

    The hard truth about domestic violence | Alarming statistics indicate that, as you read this short sentence, a woman has become the victim of assault. According to ... read more