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    Domestic Violence Survivors at Higher Risk for Suicide

    Watch for these warning signs | Multiple studies have found that domestic violence survivors have higher-than-average rates of suicidal thoughts, with as many as 23... read more

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    Quiz: The Trouble with Leaving

    The numbers don’t lie: Leaving an abuser isn’t easy | If you’ve never been with a partner who was abusive, it might be easy to tell others who are enduring abuse: J... read more

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    The Stats on Stalking

    What do you know about this form of abuse? | January is Stalking Awareness Month. How much do you know about the abusive tactic that the National Center for Victims of... read more

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    Men Can Be Abused, Too

    11 facts everyone should know about domestic violence against men | When you think of a domestic violence survivor, who comes to mind? For most people, it’s a female. ... read more

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    10 Things to Know About IPV and HIV

    Violence shares an unfortunate link with an HIV diagnosis | It’s long been agreed upon that violence against women is a global epidemic, with some research estimati... read more