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After Abuse

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    Strangulation Can Leave Long-Lasting Injuries

    One of the most lethal abuser tactics explained | The power of controlling a victim’s next breath makes strangulation a frequent tactic for abusers. It can take ... read more

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    How Do You Find Safe People?

    Looking for these three qualities will start you off on the right foot | After escaping abuse, finding a person who makes you feel safe can be like a breath of fres... read more

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    Speaking Out

    Four steps to becoming an advocate for domestic violence survivors | You’ve survived a waking nightmare. And now that you’ve emerged a free person, you have a desir... read more

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    Why No One Googles "Children and Domestic Violence"

    Kids not witnesses, they are victims we don't talk about | I grew up living with domestic violence. So did my mom. So did her mom. So did 40 million other adult... read more

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    Threatened Not to Testify

    When abusers threaten survivors from telling their account in court, it’s considered witness tampering | Batterers are not always career criminals like the drug dea... read more