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After Abuse

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    Online Virtual Therapy 

    We try out two Internet therapy sites to see if they really do have healing powers | Talking through trauma with a therapist is something survivors of domestic viol... read more

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    Finding Financial Independence After Abuse

    Free courses teach financial literacy | When an abuser controls a couple’s money, survivors often feel trapped indefinitely. Making their victims financially depend... read more

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    Starting Fresh With a Career Swap

    Now’s the time to follow your dreams and go for a job you want | Domestic violence can complicate every aspect of a survivor’s life, including their professional tr... read more

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    You Can Stop Apologizing Now

    What it means when you can't stop saying ‘I’m sorry’ after escaping abuse | Heartfelt apologies can go a long way. “I’m sorry what I said hurt your feelings.” ... read more

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    The One Truth to Know

    How to let go of the guilt you've been carrying since childhood | "The worst guilt to accept is an undeserved guilt." - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged If you grew u... read more