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Identifying Abuse

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    More About Coercive Control

    Why women are most likely to be victims of this type of abuse and why they stay | In our continuing Q&A with Lisa Aronson Fontes, PhD, author of Invisible... read more

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    What is Coercive Control?

    A Q&A with author, activist and professor Lisa Aronson Fontes, PhD | The book, Invisible Chains: Overcoming Coercive Control in Your Intimate Relationship, is wr... read more

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    Abuse That's Hard to Recognize: Coercive Control

    Intimate partner abuse that is often disguised as love | Isolation. Threats. Humiliation. Sometimes even physical abuse. These are the weapons of coercive control, a ... read more

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    5 Signs of Elder Abuse

    How to spot it, and what to do about it | When thinking about domestic violence, the image of a young family often comes to mind. But, the truth is, abuse can happen ... read more

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    3 Myths About Survivors of Domestic Violence

    It’s time to stop telling yourself these things | Myth: You deserve the abuse—you did something to provoke your partner. For Real: No one deserves to be abuse... read more

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    Are You the Victim of Financial Abuse?

    Ask yourself these questions | When people think of abuse, what comes to mind is usually physical abuse, followed by sexual, emotional or psychological abuse. Finan... read more

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    How to Speak Out on Domestic Violence

    Training teaches you how to recognize, respond and intervene | In 2013, the Avon Foundation for Women asked organizations to propose what they would do with a $125,00... read more

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    Is the 'Cycle of Violence' Outdated?

    Advocates say look to the Power and Control Wheel to understand domestic violence | Since the Cycle of Violence was introduced in 1979, it’s helped serve as a roadm... read more

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    He's Forcing Me to Get Pregnant

    Reproductive coercion is domestic violence, and it’s not OK | Abusers use many sinister forms of violence to control their victim. For some, their abusive partners ... read more

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    App Detects Dangerous Partners

    Not sure if what you're experiencing is abuse? Check the app | Can actually be with an abusive partner and not even recognize it? Unfortunately, it happens more o... read more

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    Can Abusers Change?

    Once an abuser, always an abuser? Signs that recovery is possible | It’s a hotly debated topic with no easy answer. Can people change? Sure, we all change as we matur... read more

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    Are You a Good Partner?

    Recognizing the warning signs of an abuser in yourself | You may not even notice the little things you’re doing that are adding up. Do you ever criticize your partn... read more

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    The Lingo of Domestic Violence

    Speaking out about abuse means learning its language | Words can be powerful, which is why part of understanding domestic violence is knowing the terms that go alon... read more

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    Beyond a Bruise

    Would you recognize abuse even if it didn’t leave a mark? | When people think of domestic violence, they often picture women with black eyes, bruises on their arms,... read more

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    Before the First Date: Is There a Violent Past?

    It’s OK to snoop if it means staying safe | Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to be a private investigator to do a little sleuthing before a first date. Who ha... read more