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    Apps Designed to Keep You Safe

    Some of these new downloads could come in handy during an emergency | Our smart phones can do amazing things for us—set our crock-pots, lull us to sleep, spy on our... read more

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    More Domestic Violence Apps to Check Out

    The pros and cons of three more apps survivors can utilize | There’s no substitute for a professional advocate, an order of protection and an escape plan (when it’s... read more

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    How You Can Help Just By Using This Site

    Five ways to use to help be a part of reducing violence | They say the aim of education is not knowledge, but action, which is why DomesticShel... read more

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    Using GPS to Track Batterers

    At least 23 states are using GPS to keep track of high-risk domestic violence offenders | Diane Rosenfeld believes many domestic violence homicides are preventable.... read more

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    Apps That Could Help Save Your Life

    Three downloads that can help you recognize and respond to domestic violence | Aspire Developed by the When Georgia Smiled: Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation, this s... read more

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    How to Spy Spyware on Your Phone

    Are you being tracked via your cell phone? | Cyberstalking is easier than ever, and abusers are increasingly using spyware apps on cell phones to track their partne... read more

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    App Detects Dangerous Relationships

    Not sure if it’s abuse? Check the app | The idea might seem a bit absurd—someone can actually be in an abusive relationship and not even recognize it? Unfortunately, ... read more

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    Support is a Keyboard Click Away

    Online chat rooms and forums especially for survivors of abuse | There is often more than just that one step—actually walking out the door—involved in leaving an ab... read more

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    Safe Browsing Tips: Computer, Phone and Tablet

    Don’t let your abuser use technology to control you | For those trying to escape an abusive relationship, taking every safety precaution you can is not paranoid—it’... read more

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    Protecting Your Email

    Abusers will use any means to exert control, including stalking your online activity | Abusers don’t always resort to just physical violence to intimidate and contr... read more