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Escaping Violence

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    Will My Abuser Retaliate?

    Whether or not you should expect violence to escalate after seeking a protection order | Domestic violence survivors seek personal protection orders (PPOs) to help ... read more

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    Not Above the Law

    What a police department’s domestic violence policy can tell you | Abusers understand power and control. And when the abuser is a police officer, those power and co... read more

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    How U Visas Help Immigrant Victims of Domestic Abuse

    The hope is to bring survivors out of the shadows, say advocates | Many survivors of domestic violence hesitate to report their abusers because of embarrassment, fi... read more

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    When They're Not Ready for Help

    How to help someone who’s being abused even if it seems they’re not listening | Your sister/best friend/coworker/neighbor discloses to you that he or she is having “r... read more

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 5

    The final 10 reasons why a survivor might stay | There are so many misguided beliefs about why survivors stay with an abuser. She loves drama. He just w... read more