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Escaping Violence

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    Leaving Without Dying

    One security expert says abusers are more dangerous than any other type of attacker, especially when a survivor leaves | As a threat advisor by profession, Spencer ... read more

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    Customizing Your Safety Plan

    One size does not fit all when it comes to safety planning | Creating a safety plan is a vital step when one is considering leaving an abusive partner. In doing so, th... read more

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    When Survivors Are Forced to Use

    Another way abusers assert power and control | As a way to numb the pain of abuse, survivors of domestic violence sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mec... read more

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    The Biggest Barrier to Leaving

    Readers say it's abusers' threats, excuses and a fear of retaliation | It may seem to defy the logic of those who have never experienced abuse from... read more

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    When Your Support System Isn't Clear

    Some survivors aren’t able to turn to family and friends. Luckily, they can find help in other places | For some domestic violence survivors, those closest to them&... read more