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Escaping Violence

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    Not Above the Law

    What a police department’s domestic violence policy can tell you | Abusers understand power and control. And when the abuser is a police officer, those power and co... read more

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    How U Visas Help Immigrant Victims of Domestic Abuse

    The hope is to bring survivors out of the shadows, say advocates | Many survivors of domestic violence hesitate to report their abusers because of embarrassment, fi... read more

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    When They're Not Ready for Help

    How to help someone who’s being abused even if it seems they’re not listening | Your sister/best friend/coworker/neighbor discloses to you that he or she is having... read more

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 5

    The final 10 reasons why a survivor might stay | There are so many misguided beliefs about why survivors stay with an abuser. She loves drama. He just w... read more

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    How Police Are Trained to Respond to Domestic Violence

    The protocols for responding to domestic violence can help survivors know what to expect | Domestic violence has been found to constitute the single larges... read more

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 4

    No place to go, no job skills and eight other reasons it can be hard to walk away | Psychology Today called Sarah Buel “the country’s sharpest weapon against domest... read more

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    Planning for Pet Safety

    Four steps survivors can take when escaping with their pets | When escaping domestic violence, survivors are often worried about pets’ safety if left with the abuser,... read more

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    Do You Feel Trapped by Your Faith?

    When spirituality and domestic violence cross paths | Some religious communities provide a strong support network for survivors during or after domestic abuse … and... read more

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 3

    Did any of these prevent you from walking out the door? | Survivors of domestic violence from any and all socioeconomic levels, cultures and genders face valid and ... read more

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    Packing Your Bags

    Contemplating leaving an abusive partner? Here is how to start preparing | If you are not in immediate danger and are considering leaving your abusive partner, there ... read more

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 2

    Why doesn’t she just leave? A DV survivor gives possible reasons for staying | Her son was only 2 ½ when Sarah Buel, JD, clinical professor of law at Arizona State ... read more

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    Escaping With Older Kids

    Fleeing abuse with adolescents and teenagers has unique challenges | Escaping domestic violence when you have children is always difficult. Sometimes, there are cer... read more

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 1

    Law professor and DV survivor says there are at least 50 reasons a survivor may not be able to leave an abuser | Sarah Buel, JD, clinical professor of law at Arizon... read more

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    When No One Believes You

    Have you tried to tell someone you’re being abused, only to be accused of lying? | It’s not your fault. Let’s get that out of the way right now. If you’re a survi... read more

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    Seeking Help Could Save Your Life

    Study shows women much less likely to be killed if they ask for help | Most likely, this headline did not come as a shock. At least, not for those of us who have eithe... read more