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Escaping Violence

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 3

    Did any of these prevent you from walking out the door? | Survivors of domestic violence from any and all socioeconomic levels, cultures and genders face valid and ... read more

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    Packing Your Bags

    Contemplating leaving an abusive partner? Here is how to start preparing | If you are not in immediate danger and are considering leaving your abusive partner, ther... read more

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 2

    Why doesn’t she just leave? A DV survivor gives possible reasons for staying | Her son was only 2 ½ when Sarah Buel, JD, clinical professor of law at Arizona State ... read more

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    Escaping With Older Kids

    Fleeing abuse with adolescents and teenagers has unique challenges | Escaping domestic violence when you have children is always difficult. Sometimes, there are cer... read more

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 1

    Law professor and DV survivor says there are at least 50 reasons a survivor may not be able to leave an abuser | Sarah Buel, JD, clinical professor of law at Arizon... read more