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    Black Women Are Staying Silent

    April 09, 2018 Why some Black women feel like they can’t disclose domestic violence | When someone decides to threaten, stalk, harass or abuse his or her part... read more

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    Food Swaps

    April 04, 2018 Replace foods that harm with these healing foods to soothe yourself after trauma | We’ve all been there. After a particularly bad day or stressfu... read more

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    When Alzheimer's Disease Takes a Violent Turn

    April 02, 2018 Can you forgive someone you love for abusive behavior when an illness is to blame? | It’s one thing to know that abuse is a choice made by an ab... read more

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    Survivor Story: Nancy Wilkinson

    March 28, 2018 ‘I thought he was a gift from God. Then he tried to kill me.’ | Nancy Wilkinson has never been in a healthy relationship. “I’ve been marri... read more

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    Why We Must Believe Survivors

    March 26, 2018 If we don't listen to survivors, they won't report, and abuse will never end | In April 2017, Kendall Brown and her sister, Kayla, were... read more