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  • How Do You Find Safe People?

    How Do You Find Safe People?

    Looking for these three qualities will start you off on the right foot | After escaping abuse, finding a person who makes you feel safe can be like a breath of fres... read more

  • Recognizing 'Unsafe People'

    Recognizing 'Unsafe People'

    Authors identify three types of people who often spell trouble | Safe means that we feel protected from danger, that we feel cared for and not likely to be harmed. ... read more

  • Dating After Domestic Violence

    Dating After Domestic Violence

    How to begin to take that leap when you think you can’t trust again | It can seem inconceivable when you’re going through it, but after every breakup—even those fro... read more

  • 4 Ways to Find a Healthy Relationship

    4 Ways to Find a Healthy Relationship

    Watch for these red flags early on | Scary thought: It’s not uncommon for a batterer to be the most charming person in the room when you first meet them. It’s not u... read more

  • Can Abusers Change?

    Can Abusers Change?

    Once an abuser, always an abuser? Signs that recovery is possible | It’s a hotly debated topic with no easy answer. Can people change? Sure, we all change as we matur... read more