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  • Majoring in Domestic Violence

    Majoring in Domestic Violence

    Colleges offer graduate programs that ready students to end violence against women | Higher education is meant to churn out well-rounded scholars. Even if you’re go... read more

  • Mixed (Message) Media

    Mixed (Message) Media

    10 times movies and TV shows glamorized abuse | Remember when it was too scandalous for married-on-TV-couple Rob and Laura Petrie to sleep in the same bed on The... read more

  • Survivor Story: Mildred Muhammed

    Survivor Story: Mildred Muhammed

    'I was married to the D.C. Sniper' | In October 2002, a series of related shootings throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. were carried out by 4... read more

  • What's Working for Survivors?

    What's Working for Survivors?

    Author Sara Shoener says the system in place to help victims of domestic violence is ‘incredibly imperfect’ | Author Sara Shoener spent five years in three differen... read more

  • Controlling Your Partner Is Illegal, But Not in the U.S.

    Controlling Your Partner Is Illegal, But Not in the U.S.

    British victims are better protected from their controlling, abusive partners | Update 5/24/22: Since this piece was published, coercive control laws have since been e... read more

  • When 911 Can't Find You

    When 911 Can't Find You

    Calling for help from a cell phone might make it hard to track you down. Smart911 helps emergency responders get to you | True or false? If you call 911 from a cell... read more

  • What is Rape Culture?

    What is Rape Culture?

    6 everyday examples of normalizing sexual violence | You can find it every time you turn on the TV. Movies utilize it to create drama or illicit laughs. It’s used in ... read more

  • Compensation for Abused Military Spouses

    Compensation for Abused Military Spouses

    If your service member partner is discharged because of domestic violence, the military wants to help you | One of the main barriers to service members’ spouses rep... read more

  • Do Survivors Lie?

    Do Survivors Lie?

    False allegations of domestic violence are rampant ... or are they? | Google “false allegations of domestic violence” and a litany of defense attorneys and men’s ri... read more

  • 23 Signs of Human Trafficking

    23 Signs of Human Trafficking

    It may be happening in your community | By definition, human trafficking is the act of recruiting, transporting, transferring or keeping and receiving an individual... read more

  • The SAFE Child Act

    The SAFE Child Act

    What this proposed legislation means to protective parents fighting for custody | For all those frustrated parents currently battling their abusive exes in court fo... read more

  • Mary Kay Isn't Looking Away

    Mary Kay Isn't Looking Away

    Cosmetics company’s campaigns aimed at raising domestic violence awareness | Domestic violence isn’t pretty. So why would one of the nation’s largest cosmetic comp... read more

  • Training to Spot Abuse

    Training to Spot Abuse

    New Illinois law makes domestic violence awareness part of beauty professionals’ education | A new law that went into effect Jan. 1 requires licensed beauty profess... read more

  • Creating a Gratitude Movement

    Creating a Gratitude Movement

    Survivor of childhood domestic violence wants to spread awareness through music, and send a message to the NFL | Terry Josiah Sharpe’s mission as a military police ... read more

  • Exclusive Webinar, Chat by DV Expert Lundy Bancroft

    Exclusive Webinar, Chat by DV Expert Lundy Bancroft

    Bancroft wants to share new information with survivors and professionals on the reasons why abusers do what they do | For the first time ever, acclaimed speaker, co... read more