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After Abuse

  • 'My Friend Told Me She's Being Abused'

    The right and wrong thing to say at this moment | Someone in your life has just entrusted you with a serious confession: She (or he) is being abused by their partne... read more

  • The Excuses We Tell Ourselves

    There’s no justification for an abusive partner | Before you ever got into an abusive relationship, you probably said at some point, “I would never let anyone mi... read more

  • Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem After Abuse

    5 ways you can start feeling good about yourself and the world again | After escaping an abusive partner, starting a new life can feel empowering. You’re on your ow... read more

  • Give Back a Smile

    National program helps heal visible effects of domestic violence | "It feels good when you can smile and know that the world is smiling with you. I smile all the ti... read more

  • Arm Yourself with Information

    Free online handbooks can help violence survivors heal | Escaping and recovering from violence, including domestic violence and sexual assault, means you first need t... read more

  • Why Survivors Should Set Goals for the Future

    Think long-term when you're escaping violence  | Business mogul Bill Gates once said that people tend to overestimate what they can do in one year but underestimat... read more

  • Staying Strong After Leaving the Shelter

    Why some survivors consider returning to an abusive partner | Make no mistake about it—seeking help from a domestic violence shelter is a courageous, bold and strong d... read more