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    Survivor Story: Alyssa

    Looking back on her high school relationship, she knows she escaped an abusive future | Remember teenage love? All those wacky hormones and new feelings and butterf... read more

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    Survivor Story: Anna

    Enduring dating abuse in her 20s influenced what she wants her kids to know now | Dating someone in her 20s who was verbally and psychologically abusive isn’t somet... read more

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    Survivor Story: Beth Baumann

    This young college student didn’t realize she was raped until six weeks after it happened | Four years ago, Beth Baumann was a college freshman, 18 years old and aw... read more

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    Survivor Story: Nancy Virden

    'We don’t have to be defined by our history.' | As a child, Nancy Virden witnessed constant physical and emotional abuse that her father inflicted upon her ... read more

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    Survivor Story: Regina Rowley

    She couldn’t fight back against her father—now, she teaches women how to defend themselves | Her father’s typical implement of choice for disciplining her... read more