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    Survivor Story: Crystal Sanchez

    She’s using her experience with dating abuse as a teen to help adult survivors today | Crystal Sanchez is a survivor. But a decade after leaving her 8-year relation... read more

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    Survivor Story: Katelyn

    Mother's childhood domestic violence carried over to her children | Three years ago, Katelyn was the victim of a brutal assault, stabbed with a knife in her bac... read more

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    Survivor Story: Maralee McLean

    Her abuser committed the ultimate act of domestic violence when he sexually abused their daughter—and then got custody of her | Maralee McLean endured yea... read more

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    Survivor Story: Amy Phoenix

    The struggle to end a marriage for good | Amy Phoenix could be considered a two-time survivor, a badge of honor that no one really wants to wear. Her first marriage... read more

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    Survivor Story: Caroline Abbott

    Her biggest regret is shielding her children from the truth | “The first years were good,” says Caroline Abbott of her 20-year marriage. It wasn’t until the last 10... read more