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    Survivor Story: April Hernandez-Castillo

    Actor and activist shares her story of overcoming teen dating violence | April Hernandez-Castillo is an actress with roles in the movie Freedom Writers and the TV seri... read more

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    Survivor Story: E. Marie Hall

    Enduring the deaths of her mother and sister, one survivor went on to share a message of hope | Many domestic violence survivors share their stories, hoping they ca... read more

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    Survivor Story: Amy Thomson

    She knows it’ll take her whole life to heal, but she’s grateful she escaped with her life | Survivors know their abusers and their own personal situations better th... read more

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    Survivor Story: Brigid Cox

    ‘Now I can breathe. I’m free’ | For 25 years, Brigid Cox thought the abuse she faced at the hands of her husband wasn’t that bad. “Even when he put a gun up to my h... read more

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    Survivor Story: Crystal Sanchez

    She’s using her experience with dating abuse as a teen to help adult survivors today | Crystal Sanchez is a survivor. But a decade after leaving her 8-year relation... read more