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Taking Care of You

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    Could Adopting a Pet Help You Heal?

    When, what and why to adopt | There are many things we’re advised to do for the betterment of our health­ – eat more kale, start jogging, go to bed earlier, drink wat... read more

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    How to Find Your Laugh Again

    Why getting the giggles can help your body heal after trauma | The last thing most survivors of trauma feel like doing is breaking out into uproarious laughter. Liv... read more

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    Recharge, Rejuvenate and Renew

    A mind, body and spirit cleanse for survivors | Increased body toxins can occur as a result of things we consume, such as air, food, water and chemicals. Stress, an... read more

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    Defending Yourself 101

    Simple self-defense tactics that may save your life | Batterers often have size and strength on their side when committing acts of violence, making it particularly ... read more

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    Hugs That Dont Trigger Fear in Survivors

    Why hugging is a no-go for some survivors | For many of us, there’s nothing like a big, warm hug to make our hearts soar and our stress melt away. As human beings, ... read more