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Taking Care of You

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    Quality Comfort Food

    5 foods to improve your mood | As a domestic violence survivor, you may be dealing with feelings of anxiety, sadness and frustration, among others. While food isn’t... read more

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    Solutions for SAD

    Recognizing and treating seasonal affective disorder | After the holidays end, things may no longer seem merry and bright. Without the hustle and bustle of the holi... read more

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    Creating a Safe Space at the Dinner Table

    The importance of reconnecting after trauma | Trauma can fracture a family. It can create uncertainness about what each day holds, which can be anxiety-inducing, es... read more

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    6 Ways to Get Better Sleep

    Too stressed to sleep? Quiet your mind and relax your body by trying these at-home remedies | During period of stress in our lives -- such as living with an abusive... read more

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    How to Go From Surviving to Thriving After Abuse

    4 ways to start taking care of yourself better today | Emerging from an abusive relationship presents the opportunity to shift from a surviving mode to a thriving m... read more