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Taking Care of You

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    13 Ways to Endure Emotional Pain

    How to break free from that voice telling you grief and pain are unending | Feelings and emotions are transient—even the darkest and most painful days don’t l... read more

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    Announcing the DomesticShelters.org Book Club: Crazy Love

    Our first selection is Leslie Morgan Steiner’s best-selling memoir of narrowly escaping abuse with her life | Welcome to the DomesticShelters.org Book Club. Hopeful... read more

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    Food Swaps

    Replace foods that harm with these healing foods to soothe yourself after trauma | We’ve all been there. After a particularly bad day or stressful ordeal, we curl up... read more

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    The Survivor's Guide to Valentine's Day

    After abuse, days like this can be triggering, and that’s OK | You’re not broken. You’re allowed to be angry. Yes, it’s OK to have a pity party. F... read more

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    Self-Care Bucket List

    52 ideas for a year of making yourself a priority | Survivors living with or healing from domestic abuse should think about self-care as a vital step in their ... read more