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    Dogs Who Love Unconditionally

    Furry ‘therapists’ help adult and child survivors of DV open up | When children become the collateral damage of domestic violence in the home, their emotional scars... read more

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    The Battle for Pet Custody

    How to best prepare yourself if you expect a dispute with your abuser over pet ownership | When separating from or divorcing a partner, things can get messy, even m... read more

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    Ask Amanda: What to do With Pets?

    Organizations help place pets when people escape abuse | Q: Are there organizations that help place pets in loving families when people leave? Nobody wants to leave... read more

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    FBI Begins Tracking Animal Abuse

    Report may spot areas where domestic violence is more likely | There has long been a link between those who abuse animals and those who abuse people. According to t... read more

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    Planning for Pet Safety

    Four steps survivors can take when escaping with their pets | When escaping domestic violence, survivors are often worried about pets’ safety if left with the abuse... read more