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    Looking for a Lawyer?

    Advice for finding the right attorney for you and your case | If your experience with domestic violence creates a need to obtain a lawyer, it's important to take... read more

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    How Anti-SLAPP Laws Work

    What to do if your abuser threatens to sue you for defamation if you report domestic violence | Batterers are master manipulators who know and use all kinds of tech... read more

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    FAQs About Protection Orders

    Breaking down the basics | Whether it’s called an order of protection, protection order or restraining order, each state offers some version as a means of protectio... read more

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    What Happens When Someone Violates a Court Order?

    What you can expect to happen if your batterer breaks a restraining order | Ideally, an order of protection—commonly referred to as a restraining order—... read more

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    How to Prove Nonphysical Abuse in Court

    Steps you can take before you enter the courtroom | When trying to prove domestic violence in court, some survivors wear the evidence on their skin in the form of b... read more