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    Representing Yourself in Court

    How to prepare for your permanent protection order hearing | If you’re planning to go to court to secure a permanent order of protection against your batterer, the ... read more

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    Threatened Not to Testify

    When abusers threaten survivors from telling their account in court, it’s considered witness tampering | Batterers are not always career criminals like the drug dea... read more

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    Can I Get a Protection Order if I'm Under 18?

    How to get one varies state-to-state, but the bottom line is yes, you can | No age group is immune to domestic violence. In fact, teens and young women ages 16-24 a... read more

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    Protections for Undocumented Immigrants

    Abusers often threaten deportation, but VAWA was designed to safeguard all survivors | There is a sect of women, survivors of domestic violence, who are facing an o... read more

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    Looking for a Lawyer?

    Advice for finding the right attorney for you and your case | If your experience with domestic violence creates a need to obtain a lawyer, it's important to take... read more