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Survivor Stories

  • 'To Escape, I Ran 2 Miles Barefoot in February'

    One survivor literally ran for her life to be free from abuse | I ran 2 miles. It may not seem like much, but I ran those miles barefoot. It was 28 degrees outside. It... read more

  • My Brain Created 100 Personalities to Protect Me

    An incredible story of survival and the failure of family court | Marielle Krogh starts out our interview by saying, “My story is probably going to sound pretty unbeli... read more

  • Survivor Brianne: I'd Finally Had Enough

    After a decade of control, yelling and terror, this strong mama packed a bag and never looked back | The abuse I endured spanned 10 years. It was primarily mental, emo... read more

  • Survivor Tonya: Broke to Businesswoman

    An abuser tried to bankrupt her, but now this strong, female entrepreneur is getting even | First date. First butterflies. First kiss.  First punch to the stomach.  ... read more

  • Survivor Amy: Making a Heartbreaking Choice

    Her abuser forced her to lose her relationship with her son, but she says it was worth it to keep him safe | Amy Pilkington’s 2018 self-published book, Lesser of Two E... read more

  • 5 Things I Learned After Becoming a Survivor

    She went from rock bottom to lifting other survivors up | Super Bowl Sunday is an anniversary of sorts for me, and this one was a milestone: Five years ago, my life ch... read more

  • Survivor Alex: Leaving Abuse After 47 Years

    Reclaiming her life, she moved to the ocean and cherishes each day | It took a while for Alex Delon to admit to herself that what was happening in her marriage was abu... read more

  • The Wedding Forum That Helped Me Leave My Abusive Ex

    A survivor nearly married an abuser, but complete strangers helped her spot red flags | I’m not sure what I was expecting from a group of strangers on the internet. Bu... read more

  • Your Crazy Love Questions Answered

    Author Leslie Morgan Steiner shares her survivor perspective—plus, the next book for Domestic Shelters Book Club revealed | Back in May, we invited readers of Domestic... read more

  • Survivor: Andrea

    Mom of three finds reclaiming her life started with setting small goals | I can’t remember a time when violence and trauma weren’t part of my life. I never knew my fat... read more

  • Survivor: Waqas

    Struggling to find help as a Muslim man | The stereotype is that Muslim men beat their wives. But I was the one being abused and for years I didn’t even recognize my e... read more

  • Survivor: Joanne

    Young, alone and far from home, she fought immigration issues to break free | I moved to America from Malta in 1988, when I was 19, to be with my high school sweethear... read more

  • Why Is She Speaking Out Now?

    We need to stop using a survivor’s fear of coming forward as a reason to disbelieve them | In light of the #MeToo movement and the Time’s Up campaign, one of the most ... read more

  • Survivor: Gus Brock

    Not many male survivors step forward. This truck driver was surprised to find support when he did | If you had to pick a domestic violence survivor out of a crowd, ... read more

  • Survivor: Kate

    After four years of verbal abuse, she didn’t predict her partner would attempt to murder her | Kate—not her real name—had her story splashed across newspapers, and th... read more