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    When Media Missed the Boat

    News sources called domestic violence a 'school shooting' ... but why? | In April of this year, 53-year-old Cedric Anderson walked into a Southern Californi... read more

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    What Are Nuisance Laws?

    How these policies can harm survivors of intimate partner violence | It's hard enough for a survivor of domestic or intimate partner violence to seek help or report... read more

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    Purple Benches Honor Domestic Violence Victims

    In Canada, Barb’s Benches memorialize women killed by their partners | In Nova Scotia, purple benches located in public places serve a dual role—they honor... read more

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    StrongHearts Helpline for Native American Survivors Debuts

    Domestic violence among tribal communities faces different barriers, laws and challenges | A new domestic violence crisis line specifically aimed to support th... read more

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    New York City Launches Task Force to Combat DV

    Government agencies, advocacy groups and survivors come together to search for solutions | New York City recently formed a task force designed to tackle a tough pro... read more

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    Survivors Wanted to Test New App

    Danger assessment app will focus on immigrants and Native Americans | Researchers at John Hopkins University are looking for survivors to give their new danger asse... read more

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    Majoring in Domestic Violence

    Colleges offer graduate programs that ready students to end violence against women | Higher education is meant to churn out well-rounded scholars. Even if you’re go... read more

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    Mixed (Message) Media

    10 times movies and TV shows glamorized abuse | Remember when it was too scandalous for married-on-TV-couple Rob and Laura Petrie to sleep in the same bed on The... read more

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    Survivor Story: Mildred Muhammed

    'I was married to the D.C. Sniper' | In October 2002, a series of related shootings throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. were carried out by 4... read more

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    What's Working for Survivors?

    Author Sara Shoener says the system in place to help victims of domestic violence is ‘incredibly imperfect’ | Author Sara Shoener spent five years in three differen... read more

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    Controlling Your Partner Is Illegal, But Not in the U.S.

    British victims are better protected from their controlling, abusive partners | New Russian laws decriminalizing some forms of domestic battery can make us feel smug ... read more

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    When 911 Can't Find You

    Calling for help from a cell phone might make it hard to track you down. Smart911 helps emergency responders get to you | True or false? If you call 911 from a cell... read more

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    What is Rape Culture?

    6 everyday examples of normalizing sexual violence | You can find it every time you turn on the TV. Movies utilize it to create drama or illicit laughs. It’s used in ... read more

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    Compensation for Abused Military Spouses

    If your service member partner is discharged because of domestic violence, the military wants to help you | One of the main barriers to service members’ spouses rep... read more

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    Do Survivors Lie?

    False allegations of domestic violence are rampant ... or are they? | Google “false allegations of domestic violence” and a litany of defense attorneys and men’s ri... read more