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  • How to Afford a Pandemic

    In the midst of all the continuous bad news surrounding COVID-19, there is some hope—relief in the form of a stimulus package | The world is in upheaval, and you're no... read more

  • Money Means Freedom

    FreeFrom’s new Compensation Compass shows survivors how to access funds set aside for survivors | While we can lament that money doesn’t buy happiness, we all know it ... read more

  • What Type of Money Script Was Passed Down to You?

    You may be standing in your own way of becoming financially stable | Saundra Davis was once homeless. At 15. Then she was molested. Then she met an abusive partner who... read more

  • Tax Time: How Do I Avoid Filing with an Abuser?

    For survivors, this annual requirement may be a nightmare | The IRS needs your tax forms by April 15, a daunting task for the average person. But for survivors of dome... read more

  • How to Stash Cash

    Gearing up to leave an abuser? There are ways to set aside money in secret | Whether you plan to go to a shelter or stay with a friend, it’s possible to leave an abuse... read more

  • Survivor Tonya: Broke to Businesswoman

    An abuser tried to bankrupt her, but now this strong, female entrepreneur is getting even | First date. First butterflies. First kiss.  First punch to the stomach.  ... read more

  • When Someone Else Controls the Money

    Learn these terms and you can recognize financial abuse | A relationship with an abusive partner often devastates victims’ finances. Unfortunately, leaving such a rela... read more

  • After Abuse, a High-Priced Divorce Is the Next Trauma

    Survivors who leave an abusive partner often find themselves nearly bankrupt by divorce | Emily* estimates it cost her between $30,000 and $40,000 to get divorced from... read more

  • From Survivors to CEOs

    FreeFrom is helping survivors find financial stability by starting their own businesses | Beyoncé asked it, so we’ll just back up what she said. “Who run the world? G... read more

  • Write a Resume That Gets Noticed

    For survivors heading into the job market, this piece of paper is your first chance to impress | Many survivors of domestic abuse will find themselves back in the job... read more

  • 5 Ways to Get Money Matters In Order

    As you prepare to leave your abuser, make sure you know where your money is | When you begin planning to leave your abusive partner, money will likely be a major co... read more

  • Ask Amanda: How Do I Make a Household Budget?

    Now that she’s on her own, one survivor strives for financial independence | Q: I’m a 30-year-old woman and I don’t know how to budget my money. My abuser used to c... read more

  • Women-Run Auto Repair Shop Sparks Change

    For every three jobs done for the general public, a survivor gets essential car repairs free of charge | As a woman, there are several places you likely hate visiti... read more

  • Life Unlocked

    LifeLock responds to claims that abusers opened fake accounts to stalk their victims | At a recent women’s conference in Phoenix, Ariz., Erin Brockovich was one of the... read more

  • Gimme Some Credit

    8 steps to rebuild your credit after abuse | For better or for worse, having good credit is almost a necessity in today’s world. A favorable credit score can mean g... read more