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Escaping Violence

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 2

    Why doesn’t she just leave? A DV survivor gives possible reasons for staying | Her son was only 2 ½ when Sarah Buel, JD, clinical professor of law at Arizona State ... read more

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    Escaping With Older Kids

    Fleeing abuse with adolescents and teenagers has unique challenges | Escaping domestic violence when you have children is always difficult. Sometimes, there are cer... read more

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    Barriers to Leaving, Part 1

    Law professor and DV survivor says there are at least 50 reasons a survivor may not be able to leave an abuser | Sarah Buel, JD, clinical professor of law at Arizon... read more

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    When No One Believes You

    Have you tried to tell someone you’re being abused, only to be accused of lying? | It’s not your fault. Let’s get that out of the way right now. If you’re a survi... read more

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    Seeking Help Could Save Your Life

    Study shows women much less likely to be killed if they ask for help | Most likely, this headline did not come as a shock. At least, not for those of us who have eithe... read more

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    Protections for Undocumented Immigrants

    Abusers often threaten deportation, but VAWA was designed to safeguard all survivors | There is a sect of women, survivors of domestic violence, who are facing an o... read more

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    Looking for a Lawyer?

    Advice for finding the right attorney for you and your case | If your experience with domestic violence creates a need to obtain a lawyer, it's important to take... read more

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    How to Prove Nonphysical Abuse in Court

    Steps you can take before you enter the courtroom | When trying to prove domestic violence in court, some survivors wear the evidence on their skin in the form of b... read more

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    A Rural Barrier

    Escaping domestic violence in a rural setting offers unique challenges | Living in a place where everybody knows your name doesn’t always prove comforting—especiall... read more

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    Pet Project

    Taking your pet with you when fleeing an abuser is mutually beneficial for you and Fido | There’s nothing like the unconditional love between owner and pet. So it’s... read more

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    Thinking About Going to a Shelter?

    Here’s what you can expect when you get there | Where will I sleep? What will I do with my dog? What if I can’t take anything with me when I leave? These are just a... read more

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    5 Ways to Use

    Whether you’re a survivor, advocate or just looking to help, can point you in the right direction | The Internet can be a vast and confusing place... read more

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    Why You Should Document Abuse

    Your records may be allowed as evidence in court | Keeping a diary of domestic violence incidents—both physical and non-physical—may seem like the last type of reco... read more

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    Escape Plan: How to Find a Safe Place

    It’s time to leave an abusive partner, but where do you go? | It’s a cruel irony: The most dangerous time for a survivor of domestic violence is the moment when he ... read more

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    Is There Free Online Legal Advice for Survivors?

    Yes! Navigating the system is tricky, but many websites offer free, helpful advice | When a survivor of domestic violence is ready to leave her abuser, press charge... read more