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Home Lists 18 Warning Signs That You’re Being Gaslighted

18 Warning Signs That You’re Being Gaslighted

  1. Question your reality; disbelief about activities around you
  2. Sense that you used to be a different person
  3. Aware something is wrong, but unable to figure out what it is
  4. Constantly second-guessing yourself
  5. Trouble making simple decisions on your own
  6. Convinced there is something wrong with you
  7. Feel unjustified in calling out abuse and mistreatment
  8. Ask yourself, “Is my abuser right?”
  9. Unsure about your memories
  10. Feel less than your partner (less intelligent, less capable, etc.)
  11. Friends and family treat you like they think you’re crazy
  12. Think you can’t do anything right
  13. Dependent on your abuser for your sense of reality
  14. No longer voice your opinion on anything
  15. Lost sense of self, no longer have an identity or a voice
  16. Your self-esteem is decreasing or at an all-time low
  17. Frequently feeling confused, disoriented or “losing it”
  18. Unable to trust your instincts