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Home Lists 19 Myths About Domestic Violence

19 Myths About Domestic Violence

  1. Victims are only young women
  2. Couples counseling is the answer to stopping the abuse
  3. Reproductive abuse doesn’t exist
  4. It’s not rape if you’re married
  5. Victims of abuse are weak
  6. Financial abuse isn’t real, it’s a person’s responsibility to be financially independent
  7. If there’s not a bruise, it’s not abuse
  8. The survivor is exaggerating the abuse
  9. Abusers only become violent because they’re intoxicated
  10. The abuser must be mentally ill, have addiction problems, etc.
  11. Abuse only happens among uneducated, low-income individuals
  12. The abuse must not be that bad if the survivor is still with their partner
  13. The survivor knew what they were getting into at the start of the relationship
  14. Victims don’t care about their children if they stay in the relationship
  15. Both partners are probably abusive
  16. Victims provoke the abuse
  17. By staying, a survivor is encouraging or tolerating abusive behavior
  18. If a victim wanted the abuse to stop, they’d just leave
  19. Men are the only perpetrators