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35 Characteristics of Safe People

  1. Accountable for their actions.
  2. Shows empathy to your challenges.
  3. Values separateness and togetherness.
  4. Lives by example; words and actions consistently one.
  5. Respects your boundaries.
  6. Shares mutual interests and chemistry.
  7. Tells the truth.
  8. Possesses a positive attitude.
  9. Embraces your freedom, independence and identity.
  10. Expresses honesty without condemnation.
  11. Accepts feedback as opportunity to be better.
  12. Exhibits good discipline and decision making.
  13. Looks you in the eye, listens to you intently.
  14. Reconsiders positions based on your ideas.
  15. Changes behavior not just apologizes.
  16. Deals with opinion differences compassionately.
  17. Abides by the law.
  18. Admits fault and doesn't blame others.
  19. Confident, yet humble.
  20. Accepts everything about you.
  21. Earns your trust rather than expecting it.
  22. Works hard to make you happy.
  23. Does what they say they will do.
  24. Loves you unconditionally.
  25. Brings out the best in you.
  26. Enjoys seeing you succeed and grow.
  27. Makes you feel safe and secure.
  28. Views you as an equal.
  29. Acknowledges weaknesses and works to self-improve.
  30. Shares their problems and embraces your help.
  31. Is okay with your family and own friendships.
  32. Acts mature, like an adult.
  33. Focused more on reality than perception.
  34. Remains faithful.
  35. Forgives and moves past confrontation.