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Protecting Personal Affects

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    Safer Searching Online

    Two search engines help you search the web more covertly | Survivors of domestic violence live in constant scrutiny. Their abusers typically watch and know of their... read more

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    Smartphone Apps that Help You Document Abuse

    Retain notes, text, audio, video, images | It’s unfortunate but true: Domestic violence happens over and over and often, and it can take numerous incidents before j... read more

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    How to Hide Your Address

    Shielding your home address from your abuser is possible with a program available in 38 states | In the Information Age, almost anyone can be a private investigator... read more

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    Packing Your Bags

    Contemplating leaving an abusive partner? Here is how to start preparing | If you are not in immediate danger and are considering leaving your abusive partner, there ... read more

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    Apps Designed to Keep You Safe

    Some of these new downloads could come in handy during an emergency | Our smart phones can do amazing things for us—set our crock-pots, lull us to sleep, spy ... read more