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Children and Teens

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    Putting Domestic Violence in Pictures

    Two authors pen picture books to help kids understand violence | Search “domestic violence” in the book section of Amazon.com and you’ll find more than 40,000 optio... read more

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    Could My Child Be Abusive?

    Parent-bullying isn’t just a stage your child will grow out of | An online search for resources on “dealing with an abusive child” generates a number of result... read more

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    Spoiling Your Kids the Right Way

    Why parents shouldn’t worry about nurturing children too much after escaping domestic violence | Leaving an abusive partner brings with it a range of emotions, from... read more

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    Caught in the Middle

    What to do when your abuser tries to turn your children against you | Abuse is multifaceted. An abuser will use whatever tactics he or she can to hurt you physicall... read more

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    Runaway Youth

    Family crisis is the main reason kids and teens choose the streets over their homes | A 2015 report from The National Runaway Safeline shows that family crisis, suc... read more