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Children and Teens

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    Fleeing the Reservation with Children

    The unique challenges Native American survivor mothers face | Leaving an abusive partner is difficult enough for anyone. You need to consider where you’ll live, how... read more

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    The Great Spanking Debate

    Corporal punishment for children: constructive or catastrophic? | It’s not quite as divisive an issue as politics or religion, but the debate on whether or not to s... read more

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    App Review: For Coeds and Cadets

    The pros and cons of two new apps aimed to help keep you safe | It’s women between the ages of 20 and 24 who are most likely to be abused by an intimate partner. An... read more

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    Using Fiction to Teach Facts

    Using young adult novels to start a conversation with your teen about domestic violence | Previous generations had Little Women to learn about feminism and To Kill ... read more

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    Parents: Are You Asking About Guns?

    How one simple question could save your child’s life | Do you have pets? Billy’s terrified of dogs. Please don’t let him have anything with peanuts—he’s aller... read more