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Men as Survivors

  • Do You Feel Trapped Because of Your HIV Status?

    Do You Feel Trapped Because of Your HIV Status?

    Survivors who are HIV positive face unique barriers to leaving an abuser | Enduring abuse is difficult for anyone. But add in living with HIV and a survivor faces a mu... read more

  • Why We Need to Let Boys Cry

    Why We Need to Let Boys Cry

    Teaching young men not to show emotion can lead to violence | Don’t cry. Walk it off. Man up. These common phrases can be heard at the playground, on the football fie... read more

  • Targeting Coaches, Young Men to End Violence Against Women

    Targeting Coaches, Young Men to End Violence Against Women

    Educational programs are changing focus, tasking teen males with prevention | In the past, “Be a man” was a directive thrown toward any male who was displaying somethi... read more

  • Survivor: Waqas

    Survivor: Waqas

    Struggling to find help as a Muslim man | The stereotype is that Muslim men beat their wives. But I was the one being abused and for years I didn’t even recognize my e... read more

  • Survivor: Gus Brock

    Survivor: Gus Brock

    Not many male survivors step forward. This truck driver was surprised to find support when he did | If you had to pick a domestic violence survivor out of a crowd, ... read more

  • Survivor: Christopher Anderson

    Survivor: Christopher Anderson

    Severe neglect and abuse as a child sent one man on a lifetime journey of healing | Christopher Anderson grew up with domestic violence, but not the paradigm experien... read more

  • Survivor Story: Ron Blake

    Survivor Story: Ron Blake

    'I found my own, unique way to take back my life.' | One December night six years ago, while Ron Blake was asleep in his Phoenix, Ariz., home, three men bro... read more

  • Women as the Abusers

    Women as the Abusers

    One shelter has begun seeing more male survivors step forward than ever | When you think about victims of domestic violence, is the first image that comes to mind a ... read more

  • A Call to Men

    A Call to Men

    One nonprofit aims to redefine manhood in order to end domestic violence | Tony Porter, co-founder of the nonprofit A Call to Men, believes ending violence against wo... read more

  • Male Victims of Abuse Face Stigmas

    Male Victims of Abuse Face Stigmas

    The so-called “stronger sex” reluctant to speak up when battered | While domestic violence is a plight most often faced by women, men are not immune to becoming victi... read more