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Warning Signs That Youre Being Gaslighted

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  • Jun 05, 2018
Warning Signs That Youre Being Gaslighted
  • Question your reality; disbelief about activities around you
  • Sense that you used to be a different person
  • Aware something is wrong, but unable to figure out what it is
  • Constantly second-guessing yourself
  • Trouble making simple decisions on your own
  • Convinced there is something wrong with you
  • Feel unjustified in calling out abuse and mistreatment
  • Ask yourself, “Is my abuser right?”
  • Unsure about your memories
  • Feel less than your partner (less intelligent, less capable, etc.)
  • Friends and family treat you like they think you’re crazy
  • Think you can’t do anything right
  • Dependent on your abuser for your sense of reality
  • No longer voice your opinion on anything
  • Lost sense of self, no longer have an identity or a voice
  • Your self-esteem is decreasing or at an all-time low
  • Frequently feeling confused, disoriented or “losing it”
  • Unable to trust your instincts