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Home / Articles / Lists / 13 Signs of Trauma Bonding

13 Signs of Trauma Bonding

  • By
  • Feb 09, 2021
13 Signs of Trauma Bonding
  1. You feel stuck and powerless in the relationship but want to make the best of it.
  2. You don’t know if you trust the other person, but you can’t leave.
  3. You’d describe your relationship as intense and complex.
  4. There are promises of things getting better in the future.
  5. You “focus on the good” in the person, despite behaviors you know are abuse.
  6. You think you can change your abusive partner.
  7. Your friends and/or family have advised you to leave the relationship, but you stay.
  8. You find yourself defending the relationship if others criticize it.
  9. The abusive partner constantly lets you down, but you believe them anyway.
  10. You constantly worry about doing something that would upset them.
  11. You know they're deceptive and manipulative, but you can't let go.
  12. You do everything you can do to please them and are always loyal, even when they give you nothing but pain.
  13. You find yourself craving any small amount of affection or love from them.