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Ending Domestic Violence

  • October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    Here are 23 ways you can make a difference | 1.Volunteer! Plug in your zip code at to find shelters and domestic violence agencies in your area. ... read more

  • 10 Ways You Can Help Prevent Domestic Violence Locally

    Want to do something to help, but not sure what? Start here. | More than one-third of women and one in 12 men have experienced intimate partner violence in thei... read more

  • What is Batterer Counseling, Part 3

    A Texas nonprofit says abusers need to ‘own what they did’ | In Part 1 of this series, we talked to Tubman, Minnesota’s largest domestic violence service agency, whic... read more

  • The Color Purple

    How the hue became associated with the movement to end domestic violence | Ever wonder how a cause chooses what color to make it’s signature shade? It’s not just an... read more

  • What is Batterer Counseling, Part 2

    In Arizona, teaching abusers how to unlearn the idea of male privilege is key | While most domestic violence services exist with the survivor in mind, getting them ... read more

  • What is Batterer Counseling?

    One shelter in Minnesota says they started their program after survivors asked for it | While most domestic violence organizations focus first, and mainly, on the s... read more

  • NO MORE Week of Action

    8 ways to help prevent domestic violence next week | How many minutes will it take you to read this? Five? In that time, research shows that roughly 100 people in th... read more

  • Speaking Out

    Four steps to becoming an advocate for domestic violence survivors | You’ve survived a waking nightmare. And now that you’ve emerged a free person, you have a desir... read more

  • Take a Stand on October 1st

    How you can speak out on this day for the victims and survivors of domestic violence | Just in case you needed a reminder: 20 individuals every minute are being physi... read more

  • Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Survivors

    How to recycle smartphones, laptops, cameras and video games | Fun fact of the day: There are more than 500 million retired cell phones scattered around homes in the ... read more

  • Guns, Domestic Violence and the Color Orange

    Will you take a stand on National Gun Violence Awareness Day? | If you think perpetrators of domestic violence shouldn’t have access to guns, and that laws need to ... read more

  • A Call to Men

    One nonprofit aims to redefine manhood in order to end domestic violence | Tony Porter, co-founder of the nonprofit A Call to Men, believes ending violence against wo... read more

  • Nonprofits Need You

    You may have unique skills that can help survivors of domestic violence | Every minute, 20 people become victims of intimate partner violence.[1] You can help turn ... read more

  • Talk About Sexual Assault in April

    Increasing awareness is the key to stopping it | Many a month has a cause attached to it. We wear ribbons, organize walks and post a meaningful Facebook status update ... read more

  • New Year's Resolution: Help Stop Violence in 2015

    5 ways to be part of the solution this year | Every year, 12 million people in the U.S. become victms of intimate partner violence. Though “survivor” is the preferr... read more