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Home Lists 23 Warning Signs of a Concussion

23 Warning Signs of a Concussion

  1. Delayed response to questions
  2. Seizure and convulsion if the concussion is severe enough
  3. Clumsy movement
  4. Neck pain
  5. Difficulty remembering new information (memory recall)
  6. Nervousness or anxiety
  7. Inaccurate perceptions of taste and smell
  8. Sleep disturbances
  9. Sensitivity to light and noise
  10. Delayed irritability or personality changes
  11. Fatigue
  12. Slurred speech
  13. Dizziness
  14. Vomiting
  15. Headache, or a feeling of pressure in the head
  16. Vision disturbances
  17. Ringing in the ears
  18. Nausea
  19. Problems with balance
  20. Memory loss
  21. Difficulty concentrating
  22. Difficulty seeing
  23. Confusion