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Home Lists 29 Types of Personal Boundaries You Can Set

29 Types of Personal Boundaries You Can Set

  1. Right to seek professional help.
  2. Right to set your own goals.
  3. Right to decide on your priorities.
  4. Right to change yourself.
  5. Right to develop and express your talents.
  6. Right to have your boundaries respected.
  7. Right to personal space.
  8. Right to set limits and boundaries.
  9. Right to your own personal belongings.
  10. Right to set your own values.
  11. Right to change your mind.
  12. Right to not be responsible for other people's feelings.
  13. Right to your own needs.
  14. Right to your own political beliefs.
  15. Right to ask for what you want.
  16. Right to privacy.
  17. Right to your own schedule.
  18. Right to your own friendships and relationships.
  19. Right to be listened to respectfully.
  20. Right to choose how you live.
  21. Right to walk away from a relationship.
  22. Right to be treated with dignity.
  23. Right to your own spiritual beliefs.
  24. Right to be independent.
  25. Right to choose who you share your body with.
  26. Right to your own appearance.
  27. Right to express feelings and opinions.
  28. Right to say no and say it guilt free.
  29. Right to make mistakes.