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Home Lists 50 Barriers to Leaving

50 Barriers to Leaving

  1. Undocumented, fear of deportation
  2. No knowledge of options
  3. No place to go
  4. Guilt
  5. Protecting abuser's military career
  6. Feeling it is safer to stay
  7. Promises of change
  8. Lack of transportation
  9. Denial
  10. No job skills
  11. Mentally disabled
  12. Hope that the violence will end
  13. Fear of losing child custody
  14. Rural settings, resulting isolation and lack of services
  15. Love
  16. Feeling abuse is deserved
  17. Negative experiences with the court system
  18. Children’s best interest
  19. Lack of an advocate
  20. Health issues
  21. Pressure from family members
  22. Unaware that abuse is a criminal offense
  23. Being a teen, not understanding safe relationships
  24. Substance or alcohol abuse
  25. Past criminal record
  26. Stockholm syndrome: sympathy for abuser
  27. Shame and embarrassment
  28. Being a student, fear of snitching and lack of support
  29. Mediation imbalance of power
  30. Mental issues
  31. Religious beliefs and misguided teachings
  32. Low self-esteem
  33. Fear of revealing sexual orientation (LBGTQ)
  34. Abuser’s excuses
  35. Elderly, traditional beliefs, dependent on others
  36. Wanting to keep the family together
  37. Gratitude for past deeds
  38. Disabilities
  39. Cultural and racial defenses
  40. Pressure from children
  41. Abuser threats, fear for life
  42. Abuser’s influence
  43. Fear the abuser will retaliate
  44. Financial abuse, no access to money
  45. The abuser is in law enforcement
  46. Incarcerated or newly released survivors
  47. Illiteracy
  48. Isolation
  49. Homelessness
  50. Financial despair